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Economic Seminar Package A
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Pax Rate: S$23.54 (S$22.00 before GST), Minimal Pax: 20 Print this Menu
Morning Break: Cold Snack
Finger Sandwiches filled w Ham, Cheese & Tuna   火腿/芝士/金枪鱼长形三明治
Dim Sum
Steamed Mini Lotus Pau in Bamboo Steamer  迷你莲蓉包(竹笼)
Local Delight
Pan Fried Homemade Yam Kueh w Sweet Sauce & Chilli Sauce   煎芋头糕与甜酱,辣椒酱
Little Tea Cake
Mango Fudge Roll   蛋糕芒果卷
Hot Coffee & Tea  热咖啡与茶
Lunch: Noodle
Penang Char Kway Teow  槟城炒粿条
Singapore Style Fried Rice  新洲炒饭
Oven Roasted Thai Style Black Pepper Chicken  烤泰式黑椒鸡
Ocean Catch
Fried Fish Fillet w Sambal Tumis (DF)  叁岜肚米士鱼
Hot Wok Creation
Japanese Coin Beancurd w Minced Chicken & Chilli Crab Sauce  日本豆腐与鸡肉碎和辣椒蟹酱
Vegetarian Delight
Golden Yuba Maki Roll w Tangy Dip (DF)  炸竹香卷与酱
Fibre Treat
Sayur Lodeh - Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Gravy  咖哩菜
Six Flavour Cheng Tng - Traditional Sweet Cooling Dessert with Longan, Red Dates,White Fungus, Pearl Barley, & Lotus Seeds  六味清汤
Iced Green Tea   冰绿茶
Afternoon Break: Savoury Delight
Golden Yam Net Roll (DF) (V)  网状芋头卷 (斋)
Baked Curry Tartlets  烤咖哩挞子
Sweet Temptation
Mini Chocolate Eclair   E夹
Hot Coffee & Tea  热咖啡与茶
Special Instructions (optional)
Terms and Conditions
**Valid for Corporate Functions only**

Buffet tables w choice of skirting (Batik, Ivory, Black or Maroon), food warmers with disposable buffet cover, full set of disposable wares, serviettes & garbage bags.
Disposable wares are provided with 30% extra.
**NO takeaway packaging materials will be provided (NEA guideline).**

*Delivery Charges*
Transportation charges to be waived for 100 pax and above.
S$96.30 (S$90.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 09-16, 18-21, 28-57, 76-82.
S$107.00 (S$100.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 01-08, 17, 22-27 & 58-75.
S$192.60 (S$180.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 63 & 69-71.
**NO waiver of delivery charges for location mentioned above.**

*Terms & Conditions*
1. All prices quoted subject to 7% GST.
2. Full payment to be made upon delivery.
3. Payment mode: cash/ cheque/ bank transfer. Please make cheque payable to: Chilli Api Catering Pte Ltd.
4. Maximum of 3 hours per function.
5. Food buffer are provided with 10% extra only.
6. Food delivery is 1 hour before the consuming time. However it may vary by 30 minutes before and after the expected delivery time due to traffic conditions or unforeseen circumstances.
7. Food menu may vary subject to the availability of ingredients, unforeseen seasonal demands and market fluctuation.
8. Extra charges will be applicable for buffet setup at venue in remote area or without lift access. We will not be responsible for any damages during the setup.
9. Order to be placed at least 3 working days in advance.
10. In event of cancellation, charges will be imposed as follow:
1 day prior to event – 50%
On the actual event date – 100%

*Equipment Rental*
PVC Round Stool w/o Back Rest @S$1.07 (S$1.00 before GST) each
3ft Square Table w Batik/Ivory Overlay @S$10.70 (S$10.00 before GST) each
4ft Round Table w Batik/Ivory Overlay @S$16.05 (S$15.00 before GST) each
Bistro Table w Ivory Overlay & Centrepiece S$32.10 (S$30.00 before GST) each
**Subject to availability**

*Service Enhancement*
Uniformed Service Staff @S$128.40 (S$120.00 before GST) per person

*Dining Enhancement*
Full Set of Porcelain Ware w Goblet Glass
for Tea Break: S$2.68 (S$2.50 before GST) per set
for Lunch: S$5.35 (S$5.00 before GST) per set
Napkin @S$2.14 (S$2.00 before GST) per pc
**Porcelain/Melamine wares are provided with 20% extra.**