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International Sweet Bliss Wedding Buffet Menu
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Pax Rate: S$30.82 (S$28.80 before GST), Minimal Pax: 100 Print this Menu
Sensational Starter
Thai Cilantro Seafood Salad  泰式海鲜香菜沙拉
Chef's Special Salad
Nicoise Salad  金枪鱼沙拉
Gourmet Roast w Carving Chef-On-Site
Roasted Leg of Lamb served w Roasted Potatoes & Black Pepper Sauce (Stall)  烤羊拌黑椒酱与烤马铃薯 - 摊位
Thai Seafood Olive Fried Rice  泰式海鲜橄榄炒饭
Oven Grilled Chicken w BBQ Sauce topped w Pineapple Salsa  烤鸡与BBQ酱和黄梨番茄莎莎
Meaty Delight
Smoked Duck infused w Oriental Orange Dressing  醺鸭拌香橙酱
Ocean Catch
Grilled Fish Fillet w Italian Herbs   意式香草烤鱼
Thai Specialty
Prawn Thailandese w Black Olives  泰式虾与黑橄榄
Seafood Delicacy
Baked Scallop in Shell w Herbs & Cheese  烤芝士带子
Assortment of Sweet Temptation A
Wedding Charcoal Chocolate Cup Cake  结婚黑炭巧克力杯装蛋糕
Assortment of Sweet Temptation B
American Brownies   美式巧克力砖
Assortment of Sweet Temptation C
Fresh Fruits Tartlets  水果挞子
Assortment of Sweet Temptation D
Baked Peach Cream Tartlets   烤鲜桃挞子
Assortment of Sweet Temptation E
Japanese Peanut & Black Sesame Mochi  花生与黑芝麻麻糬
Iced Water Chestnut (Less Sweet)  马蹄水(少甜)
Special Instructions (optional)
Terms and Conditions
*Package includes:*
1. Complete buffet layout w Batik or choice of skirting (ivory/ silver/ maroon/ bronze colour).
2. Full set of chafing dishes w disposable buffet cover.
3. Full set of disposable wares w serviettes & garbage bags.
4. Disposable wares are provided with 30% extra.
5. Guest sign-in reception table w centrepiece.
6. Guest wedding sign-in book w pen set.
7. Special longish setting for bridal table w cushion chairs & covers.
8. Complimentary food tasting session for 6 pax.
9. Attendance of 2 uniformed service staff.
10. Separate display stations for food & beverage.
11. Transportation & setup charges to be waived.

*Complimentary for order S$3000 & above on food cost (before GST):*
Fruit cake in gift box (80% of confirmed guests)
OR S$100 dining voucher at Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant.

*Terms & Conditions*
1. All prices quoted subject to 7% GST.
2. A non-refundable 50% deposit required upon confirmation.
3. Remaining 50% payment to be made upon delivery.
4. Payment mode: cash/ cheque/ bank transfer. Please make cheque payable to: Chilli Api Catering Pte Ltd.
5. Maximum of 3 hours per function.
6. NO takeaway packaging materials will be provided (NEA guideline).
7. Food buffer are provided with 10% extra only.
8. Food delivery is 1 hour before the consuming time. However it may vary by 30 minutes before and after the expected delivery time due to traffic conditions or unforeseen circumstances.
9. Food menu may vary subject to the availability of ingredients, unforeseen seasonal demands and market fluctuation.
10. Extra charges will be applicable for buffet setup at venue in remote area or without lift access. We will not be responsible for any damages during the setup.
11. In event of cancellation, charges will be imposed as follow:
On the actual event date – 100%

*Equipment Rental*
PVC Round Stool w/o Back Rest @S$1.07 (S$1.00 before GST) each
3ft Square Table w Batik/Ivory Overlay @S$10.70 (S$10.00 before GST) each
4ft Round Table w Batik/Ivory Overlay @S$16.05 (S$15.00 before GST) each
Bistro Table w Ivory Overlay & Centrepiece S$32.10 (S$30.00 before GST) each
**Subject to availability**

*Dining Enhancement*
Full Set of Porcelain Ware w Goblet Glass @S$5.35 (S$5.00 before GST) per set
Porcelain Ware w Stainless Steel Cutleries @S$3.21 (S$3.00 before GST) per set
Dessert Bowl w Spoon @S$0.86 (S$0.80 before GST) per set
Dessert Plate w Fork @S$0.86 (S$0.80 before GST) per set
Soup Bowl w Spoon @S$0.86 (S$0.80 before GST) per set
Coffee Cup & Saucer w Tea Spoon @S$1.07 (S$1.00 before GST) per set
Glass Ware @S$1.07 (S$1.00 before GST) per pc
Biodegradable Ware @S$1.07 (S$1.00 before GST) per set
Napkin @S$2.14 (S$2.00 before GST) per pc
**Porcelain/Melamine wares are provided with 20% extra.**