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Mini Buffet-Nonya Cuisine Menu
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Pax Rate: S$254.66 (S$238.00 before GST), Minimal Pax: 1 Print this Menu
Main Course (Rice/Noodle)
  • Signature Kampong Fried Mee Siam 炒干米暹
  • Peranakan Dry Laksa 炒干拉沙
  • Bua Kuluak Fried Rice - Fried Rice with Bua Kuluak Pasta, Seafood Bites topped with Cashew Nuts 黑果炒饭
  • Nonya Fried Rice 娘惹炒饭
  • Signature Ayam Bua Kuluak - Braised Chicken Buah Kuluak Nut cooked in Spice & Assam Gravy 焖黑果鸡
  • Signature Curry Chicken 咖哩鸡
  • Ayam Ponteh - Chicken stewed in Salted Soy Bean & Spices 豆酱鸡肉与竹笋
Meaty Delight
  • Signature Itek Sio - Duck Braised in Sweet Tamarind, Corriander and Spices 酸甜鸭
  • Beef Rendang (Beef Braised in Spicy Coconut Milk and Spices) 牛肉仁当
  • Jumbo Chicken Satay w Condiments 鸡肉沙爹(大)
Ocean Catch
  • Curry Assam Fish Head - Fish Head cooked with Curry Powder, Spices, Coconut Milk & Tumeric Gravy 亚叁咖厘鱼头
  • Grilled Whole Seabass w Homemade Sambal 烧烤叁岜金目鲈(整只)
  • Crispy Seabass w Chuan Sauce 香脆金目鲈与娘惹酸甜酱
Seafood Delicacy
  • Udang Goreng Assam - Stir Fried Prawns with Assam Sauce, Black Pper & Dark Soy Sauce 炒亚叁虾
  • Udang Masak Tomato - Stir Fried Prawns cooked in Tomato 炒藩茄虾
  • Sambal Udang w Petai 叁岜臭豆虾
Nonya Favourite
  • Seafood Beancurd Roll w Lemak Gravy (DF) 海鲜腐皮卷与香椰汁
  • Hand Rolled Chicken Ngoh Hiang (DF) 鸡肉五香
  • Mini Sliced Otak 迷你乌打
Fibre Treat
  • Braised Nonya Chap Chye w Black Mushroom 焖娘惹杂菜与菇
  • Sambal Goreng (Long Beans, Tempeh and Tofu Stir Fried in Chilli Paste) 炒叁岜勾另
  • Sambal Ladys Finger 参巴羊角豆
  • Six Flavour Cheng Tng - Traditional Sweet Cooling Dessert with Longan, Red Dates,White Fungus, Pearl Barley, & Lotus Seeds 六味清汤
  • Cream of Red Bean w Lotus Seeds 莲子红豆沙
  • Bo Bo Cha Cha - Coconut Milk Based Dessert with Diced Sweet Potato, Taro & Rainbow Jelly 摩摩查查
Special Instructions (optional)
**Per set serves 10-12 pax**
Terms and Conditions
**Per set serves 10-12pax**

**To select only ONE dish from each category**

*Delivery Charges*
S$37.45 (S$35.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 09-16, 18-21, 28-57, 76-82.
S$42.80 (S$40.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 01-08, 17, 22-27, 58-62, 64-68, 72-75.
S$48.15 (S$45.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 63 & 69-71.
S$53.50(S$50.00 before GST) for delivery to Jurong Island & Resort World Sentosa.
**NO waiver of delivery charges for both locations mentioned above.**

*Terms & Conditions*
1. All prices quoted subject to 7% GST.
2. Full payment to be made upon delivery.
3. Payment mode: cash/ cheque/ bank transfer. Please make cheque payable to: Chilli Api Catering Pte Ltd.
4. Additional rate per pax @S$25.47 ($23.80 before GST) per pax (maximum up to 15 pax per set).
5. Food is best consumed within 2 hours.
6. All food will be packed in microwavable containers and delivered in an insulator bag to keep the food warm.
7. Disposable cutleries will be provided.
8. Food delivery is half an hour before the consuming time. However it may vary by 30 minutes before and after the expected delivery time due to traffic conditions or unforeseen circumstances.
9. Food menu may vary subject to the availability of ingredients, unforeseen seasonal demands and market fluctuation.
10. Order to be placed at least 3 working days in advance.
11. In event of cancellation, charges will be imposed as follow:
1 day prior to event – 50%
On the actual event date – 100%