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Blessing Mini Party Set 迎春团圆宴 CNY2020
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Pax Rate: S$24.40 (S$22.80 before GST), Minimal Pax: 15 Print this Menu
Starter 富甲满天
D.I.Y. Kueh Pai Ti served w Braised Turnip, Peanut, Sweet Sauce & Chilli Sauce  花兰饼
Hot Wok Creation 锦上添花
Golden Chilli Crab Pau served w Chilli Crab Sauce (DF)  炸辣椒螃蟹包与辣椒蟹酱
Jumbo Chicken Satay w Steamed Rice Cake, Cucumber & Red Onion  鸡肉沙爹(大)
Golden Cempedak Fritters (D.F)  炸小波罗蜜
Grilled Pandan Chicken   香兰叶鸡
Steamed Pearl Glutinous Rice w Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaf  荷叶鸡肉糯米饭
Api’s Fried Mee Siam garnished w Sliced Egg Omelette & Chives  炒干米暹(蛋丝与香葱)
Dessert 国泰民安
Collagen Booster Dessert (Peach Resin, White Fungus, Aloe Vera, Gingko Nut, Longan, Red Date)  胶原蛋白甜品 (桃胶,银耳,芦荟,白果,龙眼,红枣)
Special Instructions (optional)
(Minimum of 15 pax)
*Maximum up to 20 pax*


Prosperity New Year Yu Sheng (Sliced Mini Abalone) 
@S$61.85 (S$57.80 before GST) each
~ serves 12-15pax

Fortune Vegetarian Abalone Yu Sheng 
@S$54.36 (S$50.80 before GST) each
~ serves 12-15pax

Pot of Abundance Treasure Pen Cai 
(A Claypot Combination of Fish Maw, Baby Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Smoked Duck, Prawn, Mei Chye Chicken, Yam, Flower Mushroom, Baby Cabbage Yam & Fatt Choy in Superior Broth)
@S$308.16 (S$288.00 before GST) each
~ serves 10-12pax

C.N.Y. Oriental Cold Dish Platter served w Homemade Dipping Sauce 
(Sliced Topshell, Smoked Duck w Lychee Pearl, Chicken Ngoh Hiang, Century Egg w Wasabi Bonito Flakes, Chempedak Fritters, Yuba Maki Roll)
@S$126.26 (S$118.00 before GST) each
~ serves 12-12pax

Prosperity Fa Chai Duck w Braised Chestnut, Sea Cucumber & Fatt Choy in Claypot
@S$84.32 (S$78.80 before GST) each
~ serves 10-12pax

Imperial Chicken w Cordyceps Militaris, Fish Maw & Flower Mushroom in Claypot
@S$73.62 (S$68.80 before GST) each
~ serves 8-10pax

D.I.Y. Kueh Pai Ti served w Braised Turnip, Peanut, Sweet Sauce & Chilli Sauce (50 pcs)
@S$54.36 (S$50.80 before GST) each

Steamed Round Yam H.K. Kueh w Preserved Chicken Sausage served w X.O Chilli Dipping 
Sauce @S$32.96 (S$30.80 before GST) each
~ serves 10-12pax

Whole Traditional Layered Lapis (1 kg)
@S$32.96 (S$30.80 before GST) each

Auspicious Chilled Golden Ingot Osmanthus Jelly w Longan & Wolfberries (15 pcs) 
@S$32.96 (S$30.80 before GST) each
Terms and Conditions
** ONLY available from 25th - 27th Jan 2020 **

1. All prices quoted subject to 7% GST.
2. Full payment to be made upon delivery. Cheque payment preferred.
3. Please make cheque payable to: Chilli Api Catering Pte Ltd.
4. Disposable cutleries will be provided.

5. Delivery charge of S$42.80 (S$40.00 before GST) applies for ALL deliveries.
* STRICTLY NO delivery to Sentosa, Jurong Island and all off shore venue.

6. Food is best consumed within 2 hours.
7. Tables and food warmers will NOT be provided.
All food will be packed in disposable containers and delivered in an insulator bag to keep the food warm
8. Each set serves up to 15 pax . Customers can only top up additional 5 pax to each set a maximum of 20 pax.

9. Management reserves the rights to replace any dishes should it become unavailable at the time of the event