Premium Bentos

6 Menu Options | Min: 20 Pax

From $16.80 (w GST $18.31)

Executive Bentos

6 Menu Options | Min: 20 Pax

From $13.80 (w GST $15.04)

Classic Bentos

6 Menu Options | Min: 30 Pax

From $9.80 (w GST $10.68)

Need some meals delivered? Looking for some quick catering services? Then you cannot go wrong with our delicious bento boxes!

We offer an assortment of different kinds of Bentos to satisfy the cravings for the people you plan on feeding. We have a large menu to ensure that you can find the perfect bento boxes for you.

From our daily bentos, which is an affordable way to get healthy and delicious meals, to our classic bentos that come in a variety of different options, or even our executive bentos, if you are looking for something that is suitable for an office setting. We also offer bento box packages that are great for events such as weddings, team building sessions, corporate functions, and much more. The best part is that we offer some of the most convenient bento box delivery in Singapore! So whenever the urge for a delicious bentos comes, we are only a phone call away.

Our bento boxes are halal-certified, ensuring that they meet the dietary requirements of our Muslim customers. You can enjoy our delicious and nutritious meals with confidence, knowing that they are prepared in accordance with strict halal standards.