International Classics: Set A

($31.89 incl. GST)
Min. Order (Pax): 20

International Classics: Set B

($35.10 incl. GST)
Min. Order (Pax): 25

Our international buffet sets are carefully curated to satisfy your taste buds. They include appetisers, mains, and signature dishes that we would love to share with everyone.

Savour fragrant Japanese Fried Rice with Smoked Duck and Edamame, Satay, and IMPOSSIBLE Beef with Thai Glass Noodle Salad. Finish the buffet with decadent desserts like Earl Grey Butter Sliced Cake and Handcrafted Sakura Nougat.

Our buffet catering can feed 20 guests and more. We look forward to providing our buffet catering services to you soon.