Laksa Pao Fan (5 to 7 pax)

($72.76 incl. GST)
Min. Order (Set): 1

Marrying two local favourites, Laksa and ‘Pao Fan’, our Laksa Pao Fan features rice and an assortment of seafood immersed in a spicy coconut milk broth. Each set consists of steamed white rice, whole prawns, battered fish fillets, pacific clams, seafood beancurd rolls (surimi wrapped in beancurd skin), and Chilli Padi’s housemade lemak laksa broth, along with ‘Daun Kesum’ (Vietnamese coriander), egg floss and rice crisps to garnish.

The rice, seafood items, broth and garnishes are packaged separately during delivery to ensure optimal flavour, texture and enjoyment. Diners are able to assemble the components according to their personal preferences, and tuck in using the biodegradable corn-ware cutlery and bowls provided.