Chilli Api Catering Family Meals


$88 ($94.16 incl GST) 

Serves 6 Pax



Chilli Api Mini Buffet


$23.80 / pax ($25.47 incl GST)



Chilli Padi - Chilli Api - Halal Catering - Bespoke Bentos


From $7.80 / pax ($8.35 incl GST) 




Singapore's Leading Peranakan Cuisine Caterer

What better way to experience Peranakan culture than through the exquisite flavors of their cuisine? At Chilli Api, we specialize in crafting divine dishes that explode in flavor with every bite. Nonya food comes from the early Chinese migrants that settled down right here in Singapore. Their food combines dishes from Chinese, Javanese, and Malay culture and fuses them into a unique cacophony of flavors. With every bite, you are not only experiencing top notch Singaporean food but also food that comes from all over Asia, creating a bridge between people and culture. 

Serving over eight million guests since 2002, we know how to put a smile on your face through superb service, delicious food, and an outstanding Peranakan cultural experience. We believe that any occasion is perfect for Nonya cuisine and we are here to make sure that you always have access to the very best dishes through our Peranakan Food Catering in Singapore.

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